Be at peace with your self-care journey

and remember wherever you are to be all there.

We all have different stories

and nothing gets in the way of our self-care.

Self-Love is Necessary

Here's why...


I can't seem to keep my shirts clean enough to wear them more often. I enjoy the simple reminder to take a little extra time for me. It feels like I have given myself permission to care for myself more and not feel guilty. Thank you Nakia!!! I really need to order more tanks.

Tracey Smith

I just love my shirts, even when I don't feel like exercising when i'm wearing my shirts that make me feel like I should do something. Wearing them really make me think more about self-care, and that it is not optional for me.

M. Edge

I couldn't believe how many compliments that I received and the conversations that ensued when I wore my self-love tank top. The head nods and chats made me realize that we all need reminders.

L. Cureton

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